Jordan is best personal trainer. When I started training and dieting with him for competition, My muscle is biggest by the day and less fat. Last year I was dieting for competition myself but it couldn’t good result. I was losing fat with muscle. I turned out just skinny guy. But this season my muscle is keeping up. This is amazing . It’s Jordan magic! And he is very polite person. I’m Japanese and my English is not enough. But he always explain politely. I respect his coaching.
— Kotaro | Competition Prep Client

2 weeks in progress


Awhile back I was lacking motivation to exercise, and decided that I needed to try something different. I contacted Jordan and he encouraged me to go after my goal to lose weight, and make a lifestyle change. I was provided with a meal and workout plan . It was not easy by any means but Jordan was there any time to provide me with motivation and encouraging words not to give up! In one month just a short amount of time I lost 13 pounds, which is more than I have lost on my own through diet and exercise. Thank you very much for all your help and support on my journey to fitness!
— Kadisha Stanely | 8 Weeks Online Coaching