Preparing for the Toronto Pro Show was one of the hardest shows I've done.

It took a huge toll on me because I competed in two shows less than a year prior to this one. The goal for each show is to bring a better package every time, but that means it's going to be harder than the last. 

My contest prep was 15 weeks and during the duration, I went through countless hours of cardio sessions and pushed my limits in the gym while consuming a low-calorie diet. It was difficult watching my friends and family enjoy the pleasures of the everyday food that we love. I went through a whirlwind of emotions like self-doubt and lack of confidence. I was constantly comparing myself to other competitors that were preparing for the same show and thinking I had no chance of beating them. It's difficult seeing someone shredded at 6 weeks out, while you can barely see your own abs. As a bodybuilder, we tend to pick at every little thing on our body. However, despite going through these negative moments and dealing with everyday life, I knew what to expect and how to handle the situation based on past experiences. 

On the day of the show, I was anxious yet excited to get back on the stage. Finally, all my hard work has paid off! One of the best feelings was knowing that I did the best I could and all I had to do was leave it up to the judges. Once I was about to step onto the stage, I felt a shock of self-confidence and knew I was ready; a feeling a barely felt while on prep. I got on that stage and hit every pose with a bright smile and confidence. I held it tight and watched as I made my way to the center of the stage, which meant that I was most likely to win my class! Once I left the stage with my spot saved in the center, I knew that all the hard work was done. 

The Toronto Pro Show was a two-day event, so we came back the next day to hit the stage again for finals. I did my routine again with confidence, smooth transitions, and a smile. When it came to announcing the awards for my class, I was astonished when I got first place! Getting first place meant that it wasn't over yet because I had a chance to fight for the overall title. Each first place winner in their class lined up back stage to compete for Mr. Ontario. I was up against five other physique competitors, all hungry for the same prize. I went back on stage with even more confidence than before, hit my poses, did my routine, and exited the stage in anticipation of the announcement. 

Once they called my number #320 Jordan Smith, I was in a shock and full of emotions. We did it! I set out a goal and completed it. That was one of the best feelings in my life.