Balancing Life

I don’t train just to compete or look good in the gym. I train because it is a lifestyle. I train to feel good in my everyday clothes, to adapt to new and changing trends with full confidence. I want my clients to feel the same level of confidence and happiness that I do in and out of the gym.

There is a misconception that being healthy and going to the gym is hard and time-consuming, but it's actually not. It's all about time management and the ability to balance the things you live while living a healthy lifestyle. I work Monday to Friday doing labour intensive work, but I still manage to find the time and energy to get my workouts in, meal prep, while still enjoying the time with friends and family. If I can do it, so can you.

Contest preparation with my busy schedule wasn't easy. Here is a quick breakdown of a typical weekday for me: 

4:20AM: Wake up for 40-50 minutes of fasted cardio
5:00AM: Shower, pack my lunch and head downtown for work
7:00AM-3:00PM: Working my 8-hour job as a carpenter
3:00PM: Head home
4:30PM: Train at the gym for 1 or 1.5 hours
6:00PM: Head home for my post-meal  
7:00PM: Meal prep
And repeat... 

I did all of this while still making time for friends and family; all without cheating or giving up. This just shows that if you really want something, then you have to put in the dedication and work to get it. No matter how far your goal is, it's never impossible. You can reach your goals regardless of how hard life can be. 

If you have goals that you want to reach, but not sure where to start then contact me! I will be there to help you every step of the way.

Why I Started Coaching

I decided to start personal training because I wanted to use my personal experiences and knowledge to give back to individuals looking to reach their goals. It's a priceless and satisfying experience being able to guide my clients through their fitness journey. My strength lies in the ability to cater to everyone’s needs. Not only do I want my clients to feel great physically, but I want to empower their minds, boost self-confidence, and minimize negative setbacks. 

Back Workout Tips & Tricks

Training my back is one of my favourites. It's essential to train your back muscles to achieve symmetry, balance, and prevention of lower back pain. I like to incorporate at least two compound moments during my back workouts, such as pull-ups, deadlifts, rows, and pull-downs. Having compound movements help to build multiple muscles at once in comparison to isolated exercises; I like more bang for my buck. However, I don't neglect  isolated exercises because they help with more detail and muscle imbalances.

A quick tip to improve your back workouts is to focus on the range of motion and getting that nice squeeze when you’re contracting the muscle. It's not about how much weight you can lift, but it's about consistency and efforts. I also like to throw in partials reps during my back workouts because it tricks my body into beating plateaus. To clarify, partials reps are half reps. After you think you're done with your set, keep pushing with three to five partial reps. This method works well for me because it pushes my body from what its used to and help build more muscle gains.